July 25, 2021

Zurich Markets Review

Zurich Markets review

Overview of Zurich Markets Review:

Purported to be based out of Switzerland, Zurich Markets is one of the thousands of forex brokers who are competing to be the number one on the internet. Unfortunately, a large share of this proportion consists of scam brokers with the motive of tricking innocent traders. Zurich Markets offers a variety of tradable instruments such as commodities, indices, shares, etc. However, all that Zurich Markets claims is not true and we will tell you why. Read on to know more about the Zurich Markets scam in this detailed Zurich Markets review.

About Zurich Markets:

In this section, we will be specifically discussing all the offers and demands met by the company. We will also be explaining why certain offers are not as beneficial for you as you think.  

Zurich Markets Regulations:

If the company is complying with the claims they made on their website where they state to be a Swizz-based broker, then Zurich Markets must have a license from the Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority. Upon checking with FINMA, we realized that Zurich Markets is not regulated with this regulation. 

Even though Zurich Markets has given the contact address and contact number of Switzerland, this does not prove the fact that Zurich Markets is based out of Switzerland. There is no background or any other information that connects them with Switzerland and the only base of their claim is the statements on their websites. Furthermore, the terms and conditions on their website state that they comply with the rules of the Marshall Islands Regulation which is contradicting. Therefore, it is clear that Zurich Markets is not regulated in Switzerland and is possibly regulated with the Marshall Islands.

Zurich Markets Minimum Deposits and Leverages:

Zurich Markets demands a minimum deposit of 5000 USD as compared to the average of 5 USD demanded by the legitimate brokers. This is obvious that the company is asking for a huge amount of money which might lead to the trader falling into trouble. This raises a red flag against the Zurich Markets scam in this Zurich Markets review. 

Furthermore, Zurich Markets offers leverage up to 1:400 to their customers. The leverage is capped at 1:30 and 1:50 by the regulators of various countries because it is known to increase the risk. This raises yet another red flag against the company in this review. 

Zurich Markets Trading Platform:

Despite claiming to have Meta Trader 4 as their trading software, we could not confirm this claim as Zurich Markets did not offer a desktop version nor does Zurich Markets offer demo accounts. This makes it impossible for us to examine whether the company is running a scam without investing our money. 


We can safely say that Zurich Markets is a complete scam and we request our readers to not trade with this company. One must always look for regulated brokers to trade and invest with.  If you have been scammed by Zurich Markets, report now and get instant solutions to recover your funds.