August 13, 2021

United Markets Capital Review

United Markets Capital Review

Introduction to United Markets Capital Review:

It is very easy to fall for scams. One wrong step like not reading the terms and conditions, not checking the reviews online, checking for the legitimacy of the regulation, etc. From cold calls to spamming emails, the scammers go to any extent to trap you in their vicious scam. Want a solution out of this? Read our full review to find out how you can avoid scammers.

About United Markets Capital:

United Markets Capital, commonly known as UM Capital, purports to be a forex and CFD trading brokerage firm that is based in Bulgaria. With not much information about themselves, United Markets Capital claims to be the best brokerage firm in the world that deals in forex. The design of the website is too clumsy and looks as if the people behind this paid the least attention to the look and feel of the website. Many of the images on the broker’s website were copied directly from google which puts United Markets Capital in suspicion.

Does United Markets Capital have a regulation?

Upon a little investigation, we found out that United Markets Capital is just a facade and a trading name for another company by the name of PM Invest Consult Ltd. When we researched PM Invest Consult Ltd, we found out that this company too is located in Bulgaria. However, neither PM Invest Consult Ltd nor United MArkets Capital has a license from the Financial Supervision Commission or the FSC of Bulgaria. From this, we can conclude that United Markets Capital is UNREGULATED and therefore, the funds deposited by the clients are NOT SAFE with this company.

What leverage do they offer?

United Markets Capital has been very “generous” and has offered their clients leverage up to 1:400. Even if you have a slight knowledge about the trade market, you will know that leverage plays a dangerous role as it increases the risk for the trader. However, many traders get lured in due to the high leverages offered by scammers and get scammed or lose their money in the trade. United Markets Capital has brought in yet another red flag for itself through this.

What all Trading accounts do they offer?

United Markets Capital offers its clients a total of 6 different trading accounts. These are Basic Account, Bronze Account, Silver Account, Platinum Account, Diamond Account, and Gold Account. The minimum deposits of these accounts range from 250 euros to 250000 euros. As problematic as these minimum deposits are, what is even more surprising is that United Markets Capital does not reveal the minimum deposits for the platinum and diamond accounts. This seems like yet another trick to lure the victims in.

What is the final take?

To sum up, all that has been said above, we can safely reach the conclusion that United Markets Capital is a potential scam. We request our readers to proceed with extreme caution if they want to trade with United Markets Capital. If you have been scammed by United Markets Capital or any other scam broker, file a report now and we will help you out!