July 20, 2020

Titan Pro 500 Review


The Hungarian CFDs and Forex broker Titan Pro 500 offers five different trading accounts on a web-based trading platform. The leverages provided are high at the level of 1:300 on all the five trading accounts. Before making any plan to invest in this broker make sure to read our latest Titan Pro 500 review as the broker here is unregulated. We do not want our readers should have any loss in the trading market. Make sure you do not forget to read each and every word of this unique review, Happy Trading.

About Titan Pro 500:

As mentioned in an overview, the broker provides a whooping leverage level of 1:300. Such leverage levels are attractive, but they come with a high risk of fund loss. Also, higher leverages are banned in markets like Japan, the USA, and the EU. This step is taken to avoid losses due to these high leverages.

Another pro of this broker is its wide variety of tradeable assets. More than 40 FX pairs are available to trade, and they are exotic. The broker also provides CFDs on over twenty indexes, stocks, precious metals, agriculture produce and cryptocurrencies. The cryptocurrencies included are as follows: Bitcoin, Dash, Litecoin, Ethereum, Ripples and many more.

Also, the minimum initial deposits required are quite favourable and according to market value. The $250 is required to start trading on the primary account of Titan Pro 500. Nevertheless, many regulated brokers have lower initial deposits requirement such as $5 or so.

The broker Titan Pro 500 is unregulated and a company called BAR Auditing KFT situated in Hungry is the proud owner of this broker. The central bank of hungry, Magyar Nemzeti Bank regulates all the brokers operational in Hungry and broker need to take license and regulation from it. However, the broker is not regulated and its reputation is low.  

The spreads offered are as high as 3 pips on USD/EUR FX pair, and it is considered twice high from the market average. The broker also gives away bonuses to its traders, but such bonuses require a high trading volume to be eligible for the withdrawals. The broker also claims to provide MetaTrader trading platform. Sadly, there is no demo account, and we cannot test the MetaTrader platform.

Also, there are only two payment options are available with Titan Pro 500 either Bank Wire transfer or Cashier e-wallet.  

Is Titan Pro 500 scam or legit?

The Titan Pro 500 is an unregulated broker, and it is sufficient to call this broker a potential Australian trading scam. Traders will lose money if they do business with this broker.