January 14, 2021

The various forms of Instagram Scams

The onset of the pandemic has witnessed a significant rise in the online scam segment as well. With the internet playing a crucial role and social media playing even more important by connecting people across the world, social media has also become one of the most common places where online scammers and cybercriminals are waiting to prey on innocent victims. 

Instagram being one of the most famous social media platforms with a count of over 1 billion active users monthly, this social media platform became the most used medium by cybercriminals and online scammers to lure in their victims and steal all their valuables including their money and personal information.

Fake accounts of famous brands

One of the most common Instagram scams that have been happening since ever is impersonating famous brands. These online scammers would pretend to be the famous brands themselves. In an attempt to make this lie a little more convincing, they would buy followers, likes, and comments on their posts in a large number. These cybercriminals would then proceed to sell their products which are also known as knock offs or first copies of the original product s at a discounted rate. They also promise freebies and unbelievable discounts in an attempt to make more people [purchase from their account. One must always look for the verification tick before purchasing from such a famous brand. You must also know that a verified brand would never ask for different and strange payment methods.

Free followers or likes offered by companies

Brands and companies pay influencers to promote their products on social media profiles. The business is highly profitable-the larger and more interested in your audience, the increase in the fees you can command.

Thus, Free or cheap followers and likes are sent to you by these so-called generous companies in the hopes that you’ll purchase more. Most of them are fake automated accounts but some are promoted as being real. Now, this may seem very tempting and for a moment you might even considering accepting their proposal. After all, it’s too many followers for free, what is the harm right? Wrong. Famous brands can see and recognize these fake followers instantly. If your content count or the engagement rate looks odd as compared to the number of followers you have, they will realize that you have either paid for it or it is some cheap marketing tricks. Before collaborating or working with any influencers, the brands would always check out your profile the small things such as your content and the type of followers and whether it matches with their target audience or not.

Scam requests that seem like it is from Instagram

You might wake up one day to an email from someone who supposedly claims to be Instagram stating that they have observed that there has been an act of compromise or some good news that they have considered your account for the verification badge. These emails might also contain a link that will take you to a fake website that will ask for your username and password. By now, you must have realized that this is just another strategy of these cybercriminals and online scammers to steal your information and use it for their benefit. You must beware of such emails and never fall for these scams.

These were some types of scams that are prevalent on Instagram. We recommend our readers to always stay cautious and don’t fall for these cheap tricks.