December 4, 2020

Stocksons Review

Overview- Stocksons Review

We hear a lot of things about scam brokers through newspapers and online mediums. One such scam and illegitimate broker that is observed these days is Stocksons. Stocksons is getting very bad and depressing reviews because of its continuous impractical and scammy behavior towards its investors. Lets read the full Stocksons review here.

Stocksons is a trading company that offers various types of accounts to the investors for investing their money in the expectation to get better returns for the same in the future. This company is a CFD brokerage that resides primarily in Luxembourg. But, the exact address of this company is always hidden from its investors due to the reason that it is an offshore broker (they basically don’t disclose their bank accounts and addresses to their investors). This creates a lot of problems for the investors at the time of withdrawal of their money.

Is your money secure with Stocksons?

Looking at the extremely disturbing reviews of Stocksons, the condition definitely says that Stocksons is not at all a good plan for your money investment and it will only lead to money losses in the present shortly.

  • Stocksons has maintained a great deal of anonymity in its company name and this is something very serious and to be thought of. If they don’t have the capability of disclosing any company name on their official website, then it is clearly seen that they are sure not to be trusted upon.
  • The minimum deposit limit of Stocksons is $50, but it asks for continuous money depositions even after the limit is accomplished by the investors. The people who are unable to deposit their money continuously may notice their account being blocked in less than a month.
  • The accounts that are offered by this broker are of 3 types- USD, EUR, and GBP, but the main problem with these accounts is that their trading terms and conditions are nowhere mentioned on the official website of Stocksons.
  • Stocksons has been founded in 2015 and from that time, it is completely unregulated in its functions and features. This makes it difficult for the investors to keep track of their investments and they are also not able to withdraw their money whenever they want it.

Withdrawal Problems faced by the investors at Stocksons:-

The investors at Stocksons are facing a lot of problems in withdrawing their money and sometimes they may also see their accounts being blocked without any prior intimation or warning.

When asked for the withdrawals, the methods get modified and changed from time-to-time as no specific deposit and withdrawal methods are mentioned in the terms and conditions of the investments of Stocksons.

In short, there is a total scam taking place with the money of the investors right from their investment time and many people have lost a tremendous amount of money to this brokerage company till now.

Stocksons – A legitimate or a Scam Broker?

Stocksons has made people lose trust in them and will eventually disappear from the world of trading. But, everyone should make sure that it can take your hard-earned money with it and leave you behind helpless and bankrupt. Your money is solely your responsibility and you should do all that it takes to save it from the scam brokers such as Stocksons.

No one in the present and future should even try to get in touch with this scam broker or else he has to suffer great loss and may result in being trapped in Stocksons Scam. When thinking about a good trading company, Stocksons is never a good idea to trust and invest your money into.