July 25, 2021

Six Capital Review

Six Capital Review

Overview of Six Capital Review:

The financial industry has proved to be the breeding grounds for scam brokers which have seen a substantial increase during this time. These scam brokers carefully hide behind the curtains of the online world and lure in the traders with various fake offers. In today’s review, we will be investigating yet another scam broker who got into a lot of negative spotlights due to its stupid ways of tricking traders. Six Capital, commonly known as SixCap is a brokerage firm claiming to be based in Singapore. Read on to find out about all their ugly tricks in this Six Capital review.

About Six Capital:

This section consists of detailed explanations regarding the demands and offers put forward by Six Capital or SixCap. We will also be pointing out the red flags raised in this review.

Six Capital Regulation:

If a brokerage firm is regulated by any of the top-tier regulators, it is sure that the traders’ money is safe as the regulators have supervising authority over the brokerage firm. Therefore, in the interest of the traders, the brokerage firms must have a license in order to function in the market legally. In our case, Six Capital claims to have a license from the regulators of Singapore that is the Monetary Authority of Singapore or the MAS. However, when we cross-checked this claim, we found out that Six Capital is blatantly lying about the license and they are not regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. This raises the first red flag against Six Capital or SixCap scam in this Six Capital review.

Six Capital Trading Conditions:

Six Capital or the SixCap seems to be good at only one thing that is spreading lies and boasting about itself. The trading conditions are one such significant step that should be carefully read by each and every trader before investing their hard-earned money into the firm. Upon looking for the terms and conditions of the company, we could not find much relevant information. It seems like Six Capital or SixCap is deliberately hiding the information from the public in order to make them believe this false legitimacy. This raises yet another red flag against the Six Capital scam.

Six Capital Demo Accounts, Leverages, and Spreads:

The demo account is considered very important as it helps the new traders in learning about the working of the trade industry. One of the common traits of scam brokers is not to offer demo accounts as that might expose the scam. In our case, Six Capital or SixCap has yet again revealed no information about the existence of a demo account. Therefore, it is clear that Six Capital does not offer one.
The same thing happens with leverages and spreads. Even though they claim to offer the best in market offers, SixCap provides no information about the leverage or the spreads offered.


Founded in 2009, Six Capital has had more than its share of the negative spotlight. The reason behind this was Six Capital’s customers complained that the company was not letting them withdraw their money. This in itself is enough for you to turn back and avoid this scam.
To conclude, we can safely say that Six Capital or SixCap is a complete scam. We request our readers to do complete research before investing with a broker.

If you have been scammed by SixCap, report now and get instant solutions to recover your funds.