November 23, 2020

Proactive Expert Trading Review

Overview of Proactive Expert Trading Review:


Proactive Expert Trading seems to be a Canada based Forex broker. The website of the broker doesn’t speak much information. Lack of corporate information on the website is one of the aspects of a scam broker. There is no address as well, the only thing which is seen all over the website is promises about traders gaining profits and financial freedom. However, traders need to be careful about such brokers and should not believe everything they see on the broker’s website. Proactive Expert Trading seems like a shady broker and we would advise you to go through this review to know more details about this broker.


About Proactive Expert Trading:


Proactive Expert Trading is a Forex broker that offers six different types of accounts for trading to its clients. All of these accounts have some benefits in common like daily market analysis, webinar and their trading platform. However, the broker is using packages to entice the vulnerable traders, so that they pay more for the same thing. The minimum deposit required for the basic type of account is 2500 pounds which are way too high. The minimum deposit required with most of the other forex brokers is 250 pounds, so 2500 is quite outrageous. Moreover, the broker is completely anonymous as there is no information about the company operating the website or the owner. There are no details about what trading platform they offer to their traders. A trading platform is one of the important areas of interest for any trader and not providing information about the same is a red flag. The trading conditions are also completely hidden, with no information on the leverages, spreads, and trading commission. Hiding such crucial information from the clients is a signal of a scamming activity, no legit trader would be this opaque to its clients.


Proactive Expert Trading is an unlicensed broker and doesn’t possesses any authority to provide the financial services it is providing. Unfortunately, the broker Proactive Expert Trading has been listed in the warning list of the British Columbia Securities Commission. British Columbia Securities Commission (BCSC) has issued a warning in the public against Proactive Expert Trading against the detection of the fraudulent activities. This is enough to say that your money is not safe with this broker. The website of the Proactive Expert Trading does not work many times and lags a lot when it works.


Is Proactive Expert Trading a scam or legit?


Proactive Expert Trading is an unlicensed forex broker that has been suspected to be involved in fraudulent activities. There has been no information whatsoever about the owner company of the website, so would you be giving your money to an anonymous firm? There is nothing but complete risk in the investment with this broker. Moreover, the claims made by the broker seem all fake and irrelevant because there is no proof of backing those claims. Therefore, we would not recommend you to invest with this shady broker and risk your money to the scam.