August 17, 2021

PGR Corporate Review

PGR Corporate Review

Overview of PGR Corporate Review:

Imagine finding out about the huge benefits of participating in the financial industry by opening a trading account. You do some research to learn the basics of trading. A few days later, you receive a call from this seemingly kind lady who works with a brokerage firm that claims to be one of the most reputed brokers in the world. She continues to tell you all the benefits of opening a trade account with their company that includes huge bonuses and guaranteed returns. You agree and open a trading account with the company. The first trade that you participate in is a huge success and you get your bonus. Elated by this, you put in more money in various trades. One day, when you attempt to withdraw all the bonuses that you got, the company shows an error message. Upon trying and failing a few times, you call their customer service only to find that the number does not exist. The next day, you wake up to your account being deactivated by the company. This is when you realize you have been scammed. 

Do you want to save yourself from such a scam?

Read on to know more about PGR Corporate and how to protect yourself from such dangerous scams.

About PGR Corporate:

PGR Corporate claims to be the best in the market with millions of clients from all around the world. The brokerage firm further claims to be a brokerage firm specifically curated to tend to the needs of their clients. With huge bonuses and irresistible offers, PGR Corporate has purported to win many hearts. Amidst all these claims, you must be thinking, is even one of them true? Let us find out if PGR Corporate is really true to its claims.

PGR Corporate and Regulation:

When the company claims to have dedicated customers from around the world, you must expect the company to have a license from all the top-tier regulators. However, this is not the case with PGR Corporate. Upon a little research on their website, we came to know that PGR Corporate does not reveal anything about regulation on their website. This is suspicious for a company that is supposedly the best in the market. When our team cross-checked with top-tier regulators, we came to know that PGR Corporate does not have a license from any of the regulators. This is highly suspicious and an indicator that PGR Corporate is a potential scam. PGR Corporate is UNREGULATED.

PGR Corporate and Warnings:

On top of being unregulated, PGR Corporate has also been issued warnings by one of the top-tier regulators around the world. The Australian Securities and Investment Commission or the ASIC of Australia issued a warning claiming PGR Corporate to be an unauthorized firm. The regulator also warned their citizens to stay away from this unregulated broker.


To sum up the above-stated details, we can safely say that PGR Corporate is a potential scam. We request our readers not to trade with this unregulated broker and invest their money in safe hands