August 13, 2021

Oasis Tech Ltd Review

Oasis Tech Ltd Review

Introduction to Oasis Tech Ltd Review:

Have you been the victim of a scam?

Or are you researching about Oasis Tech Ltd to trade with the company?

If your answer is any of the above two, you are just at the right place. The internet is a boon and a bane in many ways. It has basically upped the game for the scammers by providing the feature of anonymity to the scammers. The financial market has witnessed a sharp increase in the scams that have taken place since the pandemic. Read on to find out more about Oasis Tech Ltd and what you can do if you have been scammed.

About Oasis Tech Ltd:

Located in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Oasis Tech Ltd claims to be one of the best minds at work with loyal customers from all over the world. The company claims various other things on their website that are complete lies and a clear action to trick the innocent traders.

What about their regulation?

Suspicions had been raised since the moment we saw the location of Oasis Tech Ltd that they would not have a license. Our doubts were cleared when no license or agreement of regulation was found despite searching on the website of Oasis Tech Ltd . Furthermore, to make the work a little easier for our readers, we also checked with the top tier regulators of the industry and found out that Oasis Tech Ltd is UNREGULATED. The company does not have a license despite claiming to have so many clients from around the world. This is definitely the first step that indicates Oasis Tech Ltd is a scam.

Has Oasis Tech Ltd been blacklisted?

Yes, Oasis Tech Ltd has been blacklisted by not one but two regulators that include a top-tier regulator. The International Financial Services Commission or the IFSC of Belize has issued a warning against Oasis Tech Ltd and asked their citizens to stay away from this scam broker. Furthermore, one of the top tier regulators of the industry, the Financial Conduct Authority or the FCA of United Kingdoms has also issued a warning against Oasis Tech Ltd. The two warnings issued against the company make it clear that Oasis Tech Ltd does not have the best intentions.

Who are the founders of Oasis Tech Ltd?

It is perfectly normal and common for broker companies to post a section on their founders with the details about them. However, Oasis Tech Ltd has published no information about its founders. This poses another red flag against the actions of Oasis Tech Ltd.

What Trading platform does Oasis Tech Ltd use?

Although the company’s website is full of lies, it still fails to mention anything about the platform that it uses. This is categorized as hiding vital information from the traders and is not acceptable.

What is our final take?

After adding up all that has been said above, we can safely reach the conclusion that Oasis Tech Ltd is a potential scam and warn our users from trading with this company. If you have been scammed by Oasis Tech Ltd or any other scammer, file a complaint now and get an instant reply with fund recovery solutions.