September 8, 2020

M21 Global Center Review


M21 Global Center is a seemingly fraudulent trading platform that has popped up in Australia since the beginning of this year. The company doesn’t have any information publicly available about it’s owners or CEO/CFO. While it is shady enough, things only get murkier once we look closer and find out a few more names that have been attached to this company. M21 Global center, is actually the rebranded BinanceBBT. And the latest update is that they have another new website to shake off their trail, by the name of Read the full M21 Global Center review here.

About M21 Global Center

As mentioned earlier, M21 Global Center is basically a spin off of Binance BBT, which itself is the scam version of the legitimate company Binance. But considering the fact that it is targeting many Australians, does it have a license to provide financial services? No, the scam watchdog website, confirmed that in contrast to anything said by any representative of BinanceBBT online, the company doesn’t have any valid license to operate in any major market. It is not recognized, or regulated by any government regulatory body, or even a third party private organization that could sanction such a license.
Apart from these reports, there are numerous online forums and discussions that suggest that the company has indulged in malpractices as well. A myriad of people from Australia and the UK have complained online and to authorities about the company and their money being lost. For instance, you can check out this discussion from one of the internet’s most active Crypto subreddit r/bitcoin.

The Verdict

When dealing with any financial services offering company like a trading platform, a few things should always be kept in mind by investors. Clear information about the owners and the leadership of the company, with data and evidence about the inception of the company and its stakeholders. Another, equally or even more important sign are the licenses issued by government regulators or private companies. A legitimate trading company or platform will make sure to obtain the licenses by local governing bodies so as to not run into trouble. Also, it is always a good idea to look up the reviews about a company’s customer service and overall experience from neutral sources and watchdog groups, before investing. Based on the lack of licences, and having been put on watchlists by watchdog communities and organizations, it is safe to say that M21 Global Center and any of it’s copycat companies are scamsters and not reliable.