August 17, 2021

Ledbury PLC Review

Ledbury PLC Review

Overview of Ledbury PLC Review:

Trading is a great method to earn a passive income. Be it trading in forex or cryptocurrency, with the right brokerage firm, the traders can get huge profitable returns. However, with all the goodness that the financial market brings to you, there comes some bad news as well. With cheap tricks and the unaccounted advantage of the online world, these scam brokers lay traps for the unsuspecting traders and run away with all their hard-earned money. Despite setting up regulatory authorities around the world, it has become difficult for the financial industry to stop the infiltration of scam brokers due to the large outweighing proportion of the scam brokers to the regulations. Read on to know about Ledbury PLC in our detailed review.

About Ledbury PLC:

Ledbury PLC, like every other scam broker, claims to be a well-reputed brokerage firm that guarantees the best results to its clients. Based out of the United Kingdoms, the company has listed two phone numbers under their customer service option. However, our team was unable to reach any of these numbers. This increased our suspicion of the company being a scam.

Ledbury PLC and Regulation:

When we looked for a regulation on the website of Ledbury PLC, we saw that the company stated itself being regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, commonly known as the FCA, of the United Kingdoms. Upon cross-checking with the top-tier regulation, we found out that Ledbury PLC is a clone firm and has stolen the license of an FCA-authorised firm to look legitimate. Therefore, it is clear that Ledbury PLC is UNREGULATED.

Ledbury PLC and Warnings:

The Financial Conduct Authority or the FCA has blacklisted and issued a warning against Ledbury PLC. In the statement, they have warned their citizens not to trade with Ledbury PLC as it is an unauthorized firm. This makes it clear that Ledbury PLC is not only unregulated but also is blacklisted by one of the top-tier regulators around the world which makes it unfit for trading.

Ledbury PLC and Leverage:

Ledbury PLC claims to fit according to the needs of their customers and yet fails to reveal basic trading information on their website for the customers to see. As leverage is an important factor to check while deciding for a broker to trade with, the fact that Ledbury PLC is not showing the leverage and the spreads that they offer makes it clear that Ledbury PLC is up to no good. Due to its direct involvement in the trader enduring a loss, the leverage is capped at 1:30 in many European countries while it’s capped at 1:50 in the USA.

Conclusion: Is Ledbury PLC a scam or legit?

In order to sum up all that has been stated in the above review, we can reach the concluding statement that Ledbury PLC is a potential scam. We request you not to trade with this unauthorized brokerage firm. In order to protect yourself from a scam broker, you must conduct proper research before finalizing on a broker to trade with.