August 29, 2020

Hybrid Reserve Review


The broker Hybrid Reserve is situated on Marshall Islands. It offers low spreads and many financial instruments for trading. However, the number of drawbacks outperforms the number of benefits of Hybrid Reserve. In this Hybrid Reserve review, we will cover all the necessary aspects of this broker and give you details analysis of it. Please read this review of Hybrid Reserve thoroughly

About Hybrid Reserve:

To make a neutral and informative review we must consider all the possible benefit and drawbacks of this broker. First, we will share light on all the possible benefits of this broker. The spreads provided by Hybrid Reserve on Euro USD FX pair is fixed at 0.4 pips, that is below the market average spreads of 1.5 pips and can be seen as a possible benefit. Such low spreads are highly appreciated and help in earning higher profits. The financial instruments provided by the broker are several including Foreign Exchange pair, stocks, commodities, precious metals like silver and gold, Crypto coins, also future and bonds. The broker Hybrid Reserve accept payment via many methods like Paypal, Western Union, WebMoney, Cash, bank wire transfer and credit cards. The variable payment methods help attracts a wide range of potential clients.

In the following lines we will talk about all the possible drawbacks of the Hybrid Reserve those outnumber the benefits. The official website of Hybrid Reserve does not share information about its owner, from where it is operated and regulation. All of these unanswered facts raise question on the broker’s legitimacy. The potential customers of such brokers are exposed to several risks. Also, traders’ funds have uncertainty about the safety and security. Ever popular MetaTrader trading platform is not provided by Hybrid Reserve and it is a major negative. Instead, it offers simplified web-based trading platform that does not have much analytical potential. Apart from brokers corporate status, it does not share information about account types, required minimum deposit and so on. Lack of transparency is considered as a scam. The leverages as low as 1:10 can be seen on the trading platform provided.

Is Hybrid Reserve scam or legit?

The broker is proprietary of SingleBell Limited that is situated on the Marshall Islands. This area is highly unregulated. The crucial information on account types and trading conditions are missing from the brokers presentation. MetaTrader is absent from the offerings. Therefore, we call Hybrid Reserve is a potential Australian trading scam.