September 11, 2020

Greenwich Asia Review


The broker Greenwich Asia is a fee-only financial service provider. It claims to offer comprehensive and long-term investment plans for uncompromising happiness to its clients. However, the claims of this broker are soothing it does not provide basic information about the investment plans offered. Missing aspects are a number of plans, name of plans, minimum deposits, and more. Nevertheless, the broker claims to be operational from Hong Kong. And further claims to have branches in the United Kingdom and Switzerland. Whatever the claims of this broker this Greenwich review will tell all the true facts of this broker. Read the full Greenwich Asia review here.

About Greenwich Asia:

The broker’s official website says that the official address is in Hong Kong. The website also features two telephone numbers, one from Switzerland and other from the United Kingdom. It does not mean that the broker actually has offices in these countries. It is a very common practice among scam brokers to use VOIP services to fake any numbers.

Also, the broker does not share any information about what plans it provides. The minimum investments required to access the investment plans. The possible Return on Investments they make and time is taken for ROI. Nevertheless, how the promised prosperity and happiness is achieved is not mentioned. It only mentions words like Strategy, Asset Allocation, Risk Management, Diversification, Investments, Indexing, Management and Transparency in different columns. And below each column, the same words are discussed in other words. Don’t be confused there is nothing informational on the website of Greenwich Asia. It also claims to have a team of professional wealth managers. For some unknown reason, its account opening form asks for Curriculum Vitae of the trader. The broker is blacklisted by several financial regulators including the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. Now it is evident that there is a shady mind behind this broker. The website of this broker is designed by the rookie website developer that anyone can build it.

Is Greenwich Asia scam or legit?

The website and overall presentation of Greenwich Asia are very poor and uninformative. The actual investment plans, how they will benefit, at what cost, like questions are unanswered. It is an unregulated broker and has issued a scam warning against it by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. Taking account of the above vigorous discussion we claim that the broker Greenwich Asia is a potential Australian trading scam. Please stay away from it. Thank you.