November 5, 2020

Grand Income Review


Grand Income Ltd. is a business that advertises itself to be a forex broker, with industry experts and veterans behind it. It makes these claims, while it is only 3 years old as a business in 2020. One gets to know they started out in 2017, but one has almost zero sources to know the owner, leadership and team behind the business. What’s funny is that while in the same paragraph on their website they say that they were founded in 2017, it also says they’ve been doing great work for the past 5 years. Grand income is a HYIP, which seems to have really high returns on investments, even some that seem too good to be true. So it is important for us to look at these claims with skepticism, and check for any validation for these claims made. Read the full Grand Income review here.

About Grand Income

We start with the claim that the business has been around since 2017. This information could be quickly verified by checking the domain information of their website. However while we do know the website was registered then, there is no verifiable evidence of when operations actually started. And another interesting thing here is that while we can see when the domain was registered, we cannot be sure about who owns it. This is because when you buy a domain you have the option to keep your name or organization’s name hidden. And that is the case here, which is always puzzling.

The next thing you can do to find information about a business is obviously the website itself. The website, while not the best or worst we’ve seen, is a rather odd looking website. For instance, there is a contact us page, but what do you find on this page? Nothing, but a form to fill with your details and send to them, hoping for a response. In 2020, when communication is so accessible, easy, cheap and fast, it is puzzling to see a contact us page with no phone number, or email ID, or Skype ID, or any other mode of communication. The worst is that there isn’t even a physical address mentioned to look up. There is however a generic email ID mentioned in the footer of all pages.

Apart from this, the only objective information that you can actually find on the website are the huge returns that they claim to give out. It advertises on its home page, 132% returns in 10 minutes, 138% after 15 minutes and so on till 435% after 3 hours.

The Verdict

Given that the company makes some really outrageous claims for return but share little to no information about its operations. We think it would be wise to use caution if at all you think of dealing with them.