November 3, 2020

Grand Income Ltd Review

Overview of Grand Income Ltd

Grand Income Ltd. claims to be a financial investment firm that trades mainly in forex. It suggests that it is a global firm that was founded in 2017. WHile we do know this much about the inception of the company from the website, we have no clue about the leadership of the organization and who owns it. The company also claims on its homepage that it makes its investments based on the advice of veterans and experts who know the business really well. However it fails to introduce us to any of these esteemed team members. Which raises an important concern, of whether it provides any verifiable information. For this, we looked at the various pages on the website and the social media links present. Read the full Grand Income Ltd review here.

About Grand Income Ltd

Continuing our search for verifiable information, we landed on the Contact Us page. And the irony of this page is that it provides you zero contact information. In the age of various IMs and geo-tagging, there is no phone number, no e-mail ID, no physical address, no Skype or any other means of directly reaching out to them. What is present however is just a form, where you need to put in your details and send them, with no idea of if and when you’ll be contacted back. The website seems like it was meant to have an instant online chat as well, however on the multiple times we checked, it was always offline. Another way to know about a company is via their social media presence. But Grand Income fails there as well, as the Facebook link on their website is broken and leads you to Facebook’s homepage only. While the Contact Us page is empty, the footer of the website does have a phone number and a generic seeming email ID mentioned –

The company is basically a HYIP. It makes really huge claims, which seem really suspicious. For instance it advertises 132% returns in 10 minutes, 138% after 15 minutes and so on till 435% after 3 hours. While it makes these claims, there is no logic or rationale shared about how these returns will be provided. Not only this, the company also fails to show any license that it possesses to operate and provide financial services in any jurisdiction. It seems to be unregulated and remains unclear about its regulation status. Some internet watchdog websites have also tagged the broker as a scam, which reportedly doesn’t allow traders to withdraw money on time. 

The Verdict

Given that the broker doesn’t seem to be regulated and also fails to share any verifiable information about its returns, we think it is unsafe to invest with them. And we urge our readers to be careful while investing with them.