July 31, 2020

GFS Partner Review


The forex and CFDs broker GFS Partner allegedly claims to provide more than 200 trading assets on the world-class MetaTrader trading platform. Nevertheless, the broker does not share valuable information about the provided trading conditions. Moreover, its offered services are unknown. However, the main problem of GSF Partner is it has no legit licensing to work as an FX and CFDs broker. In this GFS Partner review, we will analyze all the aspects of this particular broker to give you a complete overview of this broker. Make sure you do not miss a word.

About GFS Partner:

The broker does not have any advantages. Why are we saying this? A question may arrive in every reader’s mind. The answer is simple – the broker does not want to share any information on its official website.

The broker is owned by the company name GFS Partner LTD based in the Cayman Islands situated in the western Caribbean Sea. Financial regulatory authority does not regulate this offshore zone, and it is a hub for many scam brokers. The investments made in such an overseas broker are not safe, and its recovery is a hard task.

The offerings of GFS Partner are very uncertain, and the broker refuses to share valuable information about provided spreads, offered leverages, required minimum deposits, available trading instruments, regulation, and customer support number are few to mention. Such lack of transparency is considered troublesome inculcated with unregulated status.

Nevertheless, the broker does not provide any demo account so that the traders can peep into the provided trading conditions. On top of that, offered single trading account requires invitation for logging in.

The only possible advantage is provided MetaTrader trading platform, but it is irrelevant in front of other disadvantages. Although MetaTrader is a viral and most advanced trading platform in the world.

Is GFS Partner scam or legit?

We do not recommend GFS Partner to our readers and reasons are the following: the broker is unregulated and operational from the overseas territory, the trading conditions are not shared with the potential clients, no free demo account is available for trading, a registration needs unique invitation code, and the broker is entirely anonymous. In our view, GFS Partner is a potential Australian trading scam; we want our readers to stay away from this broker for the betterment of their investments.