December 2, 2020

FXP markets review – Scam Broker Australia.

FXP is the forex market in which you can invest your money and earn a profit. This market is opened in the year 2017 and this forex market is owned by the GGM security market LTD. This market will offer you the MetaTrader 4 and MT Mobile forex platform for the investment. You can invest in this market with many options such as gold, silver, CFDs, energies, shares, etc. As we all should that from last year, this market is having some downfall in their business because of the reviews of the investors.

Following are some reviews on the FXP market which will explain to you how this market is a scam.

FXP Market Reviews:-

  • Some investors who invest their money in the FXP market said that they are having a lot of problem with this market because when they start investing in the market with a certain amount, they will ask you more money to invest in the profile will call you daily and force you to invest more money in their market.
  • Many investors also report that when they couldn’t get you to invest more money in their market then they will cut off you from their website and after that, you can’t contact them and you also can’t log in to the website. They will delete all their social media accounts and pages.
  • Some investors also complained that when they invest their money suddenly all the agents disappear. All the contact information is deleted from their social media. They also don’t respond to your emails and their telephone number is also not reachable.
  • They will move your accounts to another account with the old account history. You will not able to withdraw your money from the account. They will not explain to you the reason and they stop contacting you after the account gets moved.

FXP Market license check:-

Every trading company has its license which is regulated by the FCA United Kingdom or ASIC in Australia. Many broker companies are licensed by the FCA United Kingdom or ASIC in Australia. Every company has to show their license on the official website of their company. FXP market also shows their license on their website which is licensed by the VFSC in Vanuatu.

However, we all should know this before investing in the FXP market, it is not regulated or licensed by the FCA or ASIC in Australia.

FXP Market – legit or scam?

As we know that forex market is not licensed by the official FCA in Australia and it is suspected for a few years that they are doing some scams with their investors. They don’t have any information about their owner on their official websites. It is also not sure that they trade you money or not so this is the important question that you should invest your money in this kind of scam broker? Of course not. You can’t trust these types of scam brokers. You will be at the full risk of losing your money and they also don’t give you a proof of anything. They don’t even contact or respond to your emails. Do not risk your money and invest in such types of markets.