November 6, 2020

Everest Holdings Group Review


Here we have another broker that seems to provide us with half baked information. We do need to ascertain whether any of it is verifiable or not. Everest Holdings Group is based out of Hong Kong’ and enjoys a certain following in the Chinese market. While not much can be ascertained about Chinese entities and the Chinese market because of the lack of clear information available, there are certain things we can and will look into about Everest Holdings Group. Let’s start with the first piece of information that we have about them, which is their address. While this is an address mentioned on the website, there is still ambiguity about it. Read the full Everest Holdings Groups review here.

About Everest Holdings Group

So, we started with the information that the company is based out of Hong Kong, 11/F Crawford House, 70 Queen’s Road, Central, Hong Kong, to be exact. So, with this information, we could look up the financial regulator who should be overlooking their operations. The SFC or the Securities and Finance Commission is the body who regulates financial trading in Hong Kong. When we looked up their directories online, trying to find a license for Everest Holdings Group, we found something even more worrying. While the business has no licenses per se, and neither is it registered with the SFC, what’s worse is that the SFC has put out a warning against them warning the Chinese people. Also, in the same notice, it is mentioned that the address that we so conveniently believed is not actually the correct address as the SFC found. This leads us to wonder what other information that they are providing is incomplete, outdated or simply untrue. While one piece of false information is not necessarily incriminating, it doesn’t help the case. The company in its press releases talks big proudly about how it is doing its part in saving the environment by investing in the right projects and working towards a sustainable world. But there is little information in English that is verifiable of all these claims. Also, it boasts about the various programs it runs for the welfare of its employees.

The Verdict

Given that this is an unlicensed broker, who has faulty information present on its website, makes it a really risky choice to invest with. Also, the fact that a financial regulator put out a public notice against them just adds to the worry. We would urge our readers to use caution if they think of investing with them.