September 18, 2020

Elliot and Jones Review


Elliot and Jones, in its own words is a wealth management services provider. The broker has two addresses mentioned on it’s website, one in London, and the other in Tokyo. However, no more verifiable information about the company’s origins is made available. The owner of the website has consciously kept their identity hidden. The company also doesn’t mention which government or private body regulates their operations in either the UK or Japan. On their website you learn that the company was founded in 1997 and has a great team behind it, but fails to introduce them. Read the full Elliot and Jones review here.

About Elliot and Jones

As with the evaluation of any broker, we start by looking at the origins of a broker. As mentioned earlier, it is unclear where is the head office for the company and who leads or owns it. This seems shady, as a company with supposedly more than 2 decades of experience, would be rather open about it’s legacy. But that is not the case and information is scarce. The most important red flag comes when you look at whether Ellio and Jones is regulated. The answer is no. Though the company has two addresses mentioned, it doesn’t seem to have any licences from either the financial regulators in the UK (FCA) or Japan. Neither is it regulated by any other government or private organization. This makes the broker even more suspicious. What is even more alarming is that the Australian financial regulator, ASIC (Australian Securities and Investments Commission) has warned the Australian people against Elliot and Jones. 

According to the ASIC, Elliot and Jones is not regulated and is not supposed to be offering any financial services. The ASIC suggests that Elliot and Jones, were targeting Australian potential traders via phone calls and targeted internet ads, to try and rope them in. But after traders brought this to the attention of the ASIC, they did their investigation and found out they are not licensed.

The only other information about Elliot and Jones that is available are the different services they claim to offer people, which include –

  • Investment Management – This includes coming up with strategies and tactics for investment portfolios.
  • Financial Planning – This basically means everything from planning, mapping and execution of financial plans.
  • Management Consultancy – The company basically gives you a CFO for management of all your financial affairs, including your investments.
  • Retirement Planning Services – This is apparently a tailor made solution for specific customer requirements.

The Verdict

Given that Elliot and Jones doesn’t have a lot of information public, and the one thing we know for sure about them being, they are not regulated, we believe it is safe to avoid investing with Elliot and Jones. At least, until they become more transparent with their information and/or acquire a license from a financial regulator.