July 25, 2021

Elite Capital International Review

Elite Capital International review

Overview of Elite Capital International Review:

Online trading is a great way of earning a passive income, however, it is proved to be a risky venture as the industry is infected with scammers and shady brokerage firms who are in a desperate attempt to trick innocent traders. One such scam broker whom we are going to review today is Elite Capital International. Elite Capital International claims to be an investment company that helps its customers in identifying profitable market conditions and safeguards them from adverse market eventualities. The company brags about its supreme experience of over 20 years in the industry and a whole other bundle of lies which we will unwrap in this review. Read on to know more about the Elite Capital International scam in this Elite Capital International review.

About Elite Capital International:

Apart from the comparatively light bragging on the homepage of their website, Elite Capital International further explains that it makes use of creative modus operandi to generate the ideas that are used to aid their corporate and private clients. Furthermore, the company also takes pride in itself when they state that in an attempt to mitigate the risk that occurs eventually, they use programs such as Russell 2000 or S&P 500. You might be impressed with the usage of such complicated words and the formation of their content, however, that seems to be the only thing they have. Read on to find out what all they have to say about their founders and regulations. 

Elite Capital International Regulation:

Regulation accounts for a very important aspect of the trading industry. Owning a license and being regulated under the top-tier regulators will not only make the brokerage firms accountable but will also lessen the probability of a scam from occurring. In the usual cases of scam brokers, most of them purport about having a license from the top-tier regulators. However, in our case, Elite Capital International states on their website that they are not regulated. Although this may seem like an honest admission to the clients, you must not fall for it as a broker without a license is as bad as the scam brokers who claim to have a license. This raises a red flag against the Elite Capital International scam in this review.

Elite Capital International founders:

Elite Capital International holds pride in its bogus claims of delivering results with 100% transparency. However, this claim soon came to an end with reality brightening the path. Elite Capital International does not reveal any information about its company, founders, or team. Despite the alleged 20+ years of experience, the fact that the company still doesn’t want to reveal information about their team is suspicious. This raises yet another red flag against the Elite Capital International scam.

Elite Capital International Contact details and Trading Conditions:

The contact address provided by Elite Capital International on their website looks legit but when we tried contacting them, we couldn’t find any positive results. This raises yet another red flag against Elite Capital International’s scam in this Elite Capital International review. Furthermore, upon visiting their terms and conditions page on the website, we were not much surprised to see that Elite Capital International does not reveal much information there either despite it being valuable and vital for a client to read. 

Conclusion: Is it Legit or a Scam?

In order to sum up all that has been said above, we can safely conclude that Elite Capital International is a complete scam. We request our readers to conduct proper research for a brokerage firm that suits your requirements and is licensed by top-tier regulators. If you have been scammed by Elite Capital International, report now and get instant solutions for fund recovery.