September 9, 2020

Crypto Daily Forex Trades Review


CryptoDailyForexTrades is a new name in the forex broker industry. It has recently been making a lot of spash, while targeting potential traders in Europe and the US. This company seems to have all the red flags that you would find in a scam. We try to look at all broker and trading platforms for positives as well, but CryptoDailyForexTrades is a company that doesn’t seem to have any. Right from the start, there is not a lot of information about the company’s details and leadership. There is a vague address mentioned on the website, suggesting that the company is based out of New Jersey, USA, but seems like a fake address. All we know for sure is that the company’s website was registered in May 2019, and you can’t even find out who it is owned by. This seems highly suspicious in any context for a platform like this. Read the full Crypto Daily Forex Trades review here.

About CryptoDailyForexTrades

As mentioned before, there is no information available on the internet or on the company website about the origin or leadership of the company. The obvious next thing to check for such a platform are the licences from various financial and investments regulatory bodies around the globe. CryptoDailyForexTrades doesn’t seem to have any licences issued by any such organization and hence is an unregulated company. This is again a huge red flag when trading with a broker.An internet scam watchdog group actually contacted various government organizations to find out about any licences ever being issued or any other information about CryptoDailyForexTrades, but was unable to find anything.

Apart from this, the different account types or “packages” that the company offers have some red flags again, like the basic package requiring a minimum deposit of 25,000 USD. This is an unusually high deposit, for a basic account, that too from a company with no legitimacy claims.

Reportedly, the company employs VoIP calling to reach out to potential victims in Europe and the US and portray to be calling from somewhere in Europe as per their wish. However, these being VoIP calls, it cannot be said with surety that these calls even originate in Europe. The company has also been found to be marketing it’s services on social media platforms with dummy accounts and such on Twitter and Instagram.

The Verdict

The company currently boasts of 889 users and 562 withdrawals, on it’s website, but there are no testimonials to verify that. But if you actually are someone who invested with this broker, you should definitely contact us to try and get your money back. And if you are lucky enough to not have come across this scam, then be careful for the future and stay away from them.