August 13, 2021

CapitalXP Review

CapitalXP Review

Introduction to CapitalXP Review:

The forex trading industry is undoubtedly the most profit-earning industry with a record of $6.6 trillion a day in 2019. However, This profit-gaining industry was soon put in a negative light due to the scammers entering the market. These scammers claim to have legitimate companies or clone legitimate broker firms to lure victims in and steal all of their money. If you have been scammed or are looking for a broker to start trading, read the full review because we have a solution for you!

About CapitalXP:

Founded in 2015, CapitalXP claims to be a brokerage firm that provides trade-in CFD and currencies. Upon a little investigation, we found out that CapitalXP has been registered as the subsidiary of another brokerage firm by the name of Quattro Holding Group Ltd. The website of CapitalXPlacks the transparency and the design of a well-known company. Despite these factors, the company does not lag behind in the matter of boasting about itself.

Is CapitalXP Regulated?

In order for a brokerage firm to operate in the trade market legally, they need to have a license from any of the regulators of the industry. This is hard for the scam brokers to acquire as the regulators have various sets of assessments that the brokers have to pass in order to get a license. In our case, CapitalXP is UNREGULATED. The broker does not have a license from any of the regulators in the industry. In order to double-check the fact, we even cross-checked fo CapitalXP’s license with the top-tier regulators. This indicates that CapitalXP is a potential scam.

What leverage do they offer?

Legitimate companies always offer leverages up to 1:50 because of their direct involvement in the increase of the risk endured by the trader. For the same reason, the leverage has been capped in many countries at 1:30 and 1:50. In our case, CapitalXP offers leverage up to 1:500. This is very high leverage and should not be offered to the clients unless the company wants the traders to lose. This poses a red flag against CapitalXP.

What is their demand for a minimum deposit?

On top of the high leverage and no license, CapitalXP demands a minimum deposit of $250 as compared to the average of $50. This is yet again a huge number and creates suspicion regarding the legitimacy of CapitalXP.

Do they have a demo account

Even though CapitalXP claims to provide a demo account on their website, we were not able to find a demo account as such. This clearly means that the company is trying to trick the customers by lying to them about the amenities that they offer.

What is the final take?

To sum up, all that has been said above, we can safely conclude that CapitalXP is a potential scam. We request our readers not to trade with this company and be extra cautious. If you have been scammed by CapitalXP or any other scam broker, do not worry. File a complaint and we will provide you with solutions to recover your funds.