July 16, 2020

Bitcoin Markets Cap Review


Bitcoin Markets Cap is an offshore based broker. Surprisingly, as the name suggests, the broker does not have anything to do with Cryptocurrencies or Bitcoins. It is not the cryptocurrencies exchange, but the broker provided C.F.D.s on other trading assets. The broker also features four investment plans that offer a high return on investment. The overall presentation of the services of this broker is confusing. Also, the broker is unregulated. In this Bitcoin Markets Cap review, we will discuss everything about this broker. Please be there till the end.

About Bitcoin Markets Cap:

The broker Bitcoin Markets Cap allegedly claims to be situated in the United Kingdom. The official website also features a U.K. based customer support number. The problem here is anyone can use VOIP services and fake any number and country code. The information about the owner of this broker is not present on the website. Only a U.K. based address is available that is also fake.

Also, the official website does not have any valuable information about the trading environment offered. The values of leverages and spreads provided are also missing. In our surprise, the initial minimum deposit is also not shared. The site also mentions four different investment plans that promise 6% to 9% of Return On Investment. The investment plan also suggests a time frame of R.O.I. in M.T.G. format. What is M.T.G.? and we could not find any valid full form of it. Also, how the high R.O.I. is earned is not shared by the broker.

The worrying fact about this broker is that it has been red-flagged and issued a warning against it by all the significant Financial Regulation Body around the world. These authorities include the United Kingdom’s Financial Conduct Authority; Belgium based Financial Services and Markets Authority; Cyprus’s CySEC and many more.

Furthermore, several traders have accused Bitcoin Markets Cap of scam and not letting their funds to be withdrawn. It is a grave concern.

Is Bitcoin Markets Cap scam or legit?

The broker we are reviewing here is unregulated offshore-based in nature. The official website of Bitcoin Markets Cap does not provide information either about its owner or trading conditions offered. The four mentioned investment plans promise high R.O.I. but how it is earned is a mystery. Almost all of the Financial Regulation Authorities have red-flagged the broker and issued a scam warning against it. Several traders are accusing this broker as a scam. We can say that the broker Bitcoin Markets Cap is a potential Australian trading scam. Traders investments are not safe with it.