July 10, 2020

BitClub Network Review



The BitClub Network is formed by many investors who wanted to generate money by Bitcoin mining. The establishment of this company was in 2014. The domain is registered anonymously. But, the official website of BitCulb Network reads the name of Russ Medlin who is the founder and CEO of this company. We have many concerns about this broker, and in this BitClub Network review, we will discuss all of them. Traders must follow this review completely to avoid their fund loss.


About BitClub Network:


The official website of BitClub Network claims to have developed a unique Bitcoin mining program that is profitable and also wants to share that profit with their clients. So, the traders need to invest heavily in this program to generate profit from Bitcoin mining. It means traders become the shareholders of the company and whenever a Bitcoin gets mined the part of it will be distributed to shareholders according to their extent of investments.  


To become a shareholder in this company, one has to invest in one of three mining pools provided by BitClub Network. The minimum investment required to avail the facilities of these pools is $500, $1000, and $2000. This subscription will allow shareholders to earn from Bitcoin mining for straight 1000 days. The payout of every pool distributed daily and earnings will be 50%, 60%, and 70% respectively. The BitClub Network also runs an affiliation program so that its shareholders can earn extra money.


The primary strategy behind BitCulb Network was to establish a bigger mining facility to generate more money. To build such a significant facility, they required bigger purchases. Also, if the order placed to purses many components, the company will get more discount, also larger and efficient facility will need less energy and resource. The strategy was great, but in practice, it was unachievable.


Unfortunately, the BitClub network’s strategy was not successful, and many traders accused them of scam. To sign up for this program traders required invitation and once joined, it needed another fee to access the main mining pool.


Is BitClub Network a scam or legit?


The BitClub Network is a Multi-Level Marketing firm. It does not show any registration on its official website, and the CEO is a fake entity. Also, no trader came out and spoke about the profits he has made via this broker. In our detailed analysis of BitClub Network, we found out that the BCN is a potential Australian trading scam. For the safety of funds, staying away is advised.