December 14, 2020

Askobid Review

Askobid scam

About Askobid Review

Askobid is a Forex broker that started its operations in the Forex market in 2009. It has four major trading accounts for its clients, including Basic, Professional, Gold and VIP accounts. These accounts have impressive features to deceive the traders who are later scammed, and their funds disappear. Read the full Askobid review here.

Askobid is an unregulated CFD broker and does not belong to any regulating agency. Being unregulated means that the customers are not protected, and it is very easy for them to lose what they have deposited in their accounts. This is because they do not have a regulating agency to hold them accountable.

Their Trading Platform

When we come to the platform, this broker uses a web based platform known as the Wow Trader CFD Trading Platform with hundreds of automated trading robots, and it makes it very easy for everyone to operate, especially the newbie investors who have absolutely no idea of using the famous MT5 options platform. Despite of having a good web based trading platform, they have not invested in mobile trading because they do not have any released mobile trading app for their customers to trade with.

How do they Scam

If you attempt to open an account with Askobid, they will keep on calling you to persuade you to make the first minimum deposit and at the same time trying various conceivable approaches to make you deposit your money. They pretend to give beneficial offers and deals to their clients but behind them is an objective to make you deposit your initial deposit. For example, they can lie to double your initial deposit if you make the deposit within a specific period of time, or they will award you with a free $200 bonus after making the initial deposit.  These deals and offers are baits, and many people have fallen into their traps, depositing their money, and lost their money. AskObid is a scam, and they will rip you off if you give them your attention.

When we come to the withdrawing process, Askobid has delayed withdrawing processes, which takes weeks or months to be processed no matter the amount you have or the profits you have earned, or the type of account you have.  In most cases, they will delay your withdrawal process for more than six months, and it is that simply how you lose your money because you will not be able to file your chargeback. AskObid is determined to steal your money, and not even your persistent calls and emails to insist on withdrawing your money can stop them. Everything turns from bad to worse if you have signed the Managed Account Agreement with them because by doing so, it means you have authorized them to do anything they want with your account.

How to successfully withdraw your money

This is one of the most challenging and trickiest processes that you will come across in your life because, in most cases, it will require the intervention of a third party, who is your bank or credit card service provider. The first step is to perform the chargeback and then contact your credit card provider or bank and deceive them using your emails about how this Scam broker has refused to give you back your money. This is the only 100 percent sure solution because they are very cautious with their relationship with the payment service providers.  Reporting to the authorities might not work.  It is like attempting to erase your permanent tattoos with water!


Since this forex broker is unregulated and have been accused with various scamming activities, it can be concluded that it is an untrustworthy organization that you should avoid by all means.