October 21, 2020

Ashford Investments Review


Ashford Investments is a Binary Options broker, that seems to be based out of the Marshall Islands. It is owned by its parent company Teres Media Ltd. But it is interesting to see that you might very soon see another address mentioned on their website that is located in Azerbaijan. But we do know the reputation of these off-shore companies, that base their operations out of the Marshall Islands to avoid regulation. And that is true with this broker as well. It is not regulated by any major government or private regulators. As we will see further in the article, it seems that this broker has shifted locations before, in this pursuit of avoiding regulation. Read the full Ashford Investments review here.

About Ashford Investments

The broker provides you the option of trading with a variety of Trading Options like, binary (Call/Put), 60 seconds, One Touch, Long term, Ladders and Pairs. It trades on various assets like Currencies, Commodities, Indices, Stocks, Pairs, Crypto Currencies. It offers a hybrid between Binary and Spot FX trading, in the following way – You basically choose the amount you want to risk, and then the leverage and your profit target. The minimum initial deposit that you need to make is $250, which is on the higher side of the market average.While this is only moderately high, the minimum bet size is a real doozy at $25. This is much higher than the market norm. And bigger bets mean higher risk. With all the experience in the world, you are still bound to make losses, but with high bet sizes, the losses are amplified. Then comes the payout which is an average 80%, which while not bad, is still lower than many other brokers that offer 86%-87%. And even a few percentage points add up to a lot in the long run.

When it comes to their platform, they make use of the web based platform, SpotOption. While this platform is quite prevalent in the market, it still ranks much below the market favourite Meta Trader 4. As it lacks in terms of Analytical features. Also, when it comes to payment options, your options are quite narrow, with only the conventional methods of Bank Transfer and Credit/Debit cards. There is no support for e-wallets and other payment options like Neteller.

The company has also in the past had different addresses for Bulgaria mentioned on the website, which eventually got updated. Which suggests that they have itchy feet and seem to be on the run from any sort of regulations.

The Verdict

Given that the broker is unregulated, and seems to have a suspicious past with various location changes, makes it seem really untrustworthy. Also with the high initial deposit and a very high minimum bet size, it seems like a company that you should avoid.