August 17, 2021

AFO Management Review

AFO Management Review

Overview of AFO Management Review:

Investment and trading scams have become harder by the day to spot. With the new technology and latest internet facilities, scammers have reached new heights. It sure is one of the unfortunate incidents to get scammed. However, what is more, unfortunate is losing the hope and will to claim your money back. Do not worry for Forex ScamsAustralia will help you out. Want to know how? Read our detailed review of AFO Management to know more about this potential scam broker and how we can help you out of a scam.

About AFO Management:

AFO Management claims to be an online investment company with millions of loyal customers from around the world. The company also claims to be the number one in the financial market with its advanced technology and tailored benefits to suit the needs of the clients. However, we soon found out that AFO Management is not all that it claims to be.

AFO Management and Regulation:

As you might have noticed by now that AFO Management is acing the game with all their claims. The company, on its website, claims that AFO Management is owned and operated by another company that goes by the name of L.A.D. Company Limited & AFO Management Limited. Upon searching for the parent company on the internet, we found out that it is a well-reputed company and is regulated. However, AFO Management is UNREGULATED. Find out why AFO Management is unregulated in the next segment.

AFO Management and Warnings:

Despite the parent company being regulated and well-reputed, why is AFO Management unregulated?
The answer to this is simple – because AFO Management is the result of cloning. Upon realizing this, the Financial Market Authority or the FMA of New Zealand issued a warning against the company. In this warning statement, FMA asked their citizens to stay away from AFO Management as it is a potential scam. They also stated that AFO Management has no relations with the company that it claims to be operated under. This raises a major red flag against the AFO Management scam.

Furthermore, the Securities and Futures Commission or the SFC of Hong Kong also issued a warning against AFO Management and stated that it is not safe for the citizens to trade with this company.

AFO Management and its whereabouts:

On the website, AFO Management purports to have its headquarters in Hong Kong. The company also proceeds to provide various contact numbers belonging to different countries, namely, Hong Kong, United Kingdoms, New Zealand, and Australia. As expected none of these numbers were legitimate or even responding. Therefore, it is clear that the company is doing something suspicious under a stolen name from a legitimate brokerage firm.

Conclusion: Is AFO Management a scam or legit?

To sum up, all that has been said above, we can conclude by stating that AFO Management is a potential scam. We warn our customers to be extra cautious if trading with AFO Management. If you are a victim of an AFO Management scam or any other scam, file a complaint with us right now. Our experts will look into the matter and get back to you with the best possible solution to claim your money back.