November 26, 2020

AETOS Capital Group Review – Scam Broker

AETOS Capital Group is a very popular and renowned online broker that has its specialty in financial products trading services. The powerful trading services of this global broker are world-famous and specialized in their own way. This online broker is regulated and controlled by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).

However, nowadays, this broker company is under suspicion for its fraud or scam broker services. Some criminals have proved to be impersonating this broker group in recent days. That is why they are getting a lot of bad reviews nowadays and are suffering from great losses because of the same. Read the full AETOS review here.

Overview of the AETOS Capital Group:-

AETOS Capital Group has been getting continuous bad reviews from recent days and there are some specific reasons for the same which can be listed in clear detail as follows-

  • Trading instruments selected are very limited:

The performance of AETOS broker is very poor or low with regards to trading instruments. The availability of trading instruments is very little with this group and this causes trouble to millions of people connected to it.

AETOS also has a shortage of trading academies for beginners and this brings great losses to them in the initial stage of their investment.

  • Fake offerings:

AETOS broker promises to offer plenty of cryptocurrencies to the people after they invest a particular amount in their plans. But, the fact is they are unable to fulfil their promise and offer cryptocurrencies to the clients at any stage of their membership.

Also, the demo account expires in a minimum of 14 days after which the customers compulsorily have to deposit 25 dollars as the initial amount.

The above drawbacks or disabilities of the AETOS Capital Group are becoming dangerous for its investors day-by-day and its high time that they take back their investments soon from this group. The newcomers should also not try to invest their hard-earnings in the plans presented by this broker group.

Is AETOS Capital Group Legit or Scam?

From the above description, it is definitely clear that trusting AETOS Capital Group will not at all be your best decision. In fact, this broker group will give a great loss to you in the coming time. That is why it is not safe to trust such a scam broker and neglect the facts that are clearly seen through its widely untrustworthy reviews.

It is better not to trust a broker that does not have solid and regulated broker control and which is not recommended by millions of other people. Instead, you should try and invest your hard-earned money at some wiser and more trustworthy place and get good returns from the same.