Forex Scams Australia – About Us

Forex scams is an Australian online community that is completely dedicated to helping victims of fraud brokers. There are hundreds of cases every day about innocent Australian traders getting scammed by dishonest Forex, Crypto, binary and other types of traders. Forex Scams is one of the unique fund recovery Australia community which really helps in fund recovery process.

There are many ways through which an unscrupulous broker can scam you. They suddenly close their business, put down their website and take all the money of the investors. They leave no contact for the traders to trace them back. Many scam brokers make wrong promises on their websites and when traders actually trade, they find things different. Bonus policies are also confusing and they are made to scam traders.

These scam brokers are generally not regulated by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission (ASIC) and many of them are located overseas. We are trying to cover each and every broker which is a scam broker in Australia and help the scammed traders through fund recovery Australia.

If you are scammed by a fraud Forex, Binary, Investment, Cryptocurrency or any other broker, you have the right to get help. Most of the scam victims do not know that they can actually get help from genuine fund recovery companies. We know the procedure of getting your hard-earned money back. Today not all of the brokers are genuine whether it is a cryptocurrency, Forex, Binary, or any other broker. It takes seconds to run away with your hard-earned investment and scam brokers are well experienced in that.

File A complaint with us today if you feel you were scammed. We will definitely guide you to the best path of recovery from scam.